Our Services


Construction Manager

Our proactive construction management approach, summarized with “Listen, Learn, and Lead,” emphasizes thorough preconstruction planning and constant construction-phase communication to deliver a high-quality finished product that meets the client’s goals and programmatic needs. This approach works with projects of various sizes & levels of complexity, and makes for a seamless transition from conceptual budgeting to the construction site while minimizing construction phase changes and schedule impacts. Early collaboration with our partners helps us gain a deep understanding of their goals and overall culture. Our team works closely with clients, designers, engineers to improve constructability, conduct life cycle analysis, increase sustainability, and evaluate building systems. By understanding the project from all angles, we can control costs and find important cost-saving opportunities without affecting the client’s overall programmatic goals.

General Contractor

For over 90 years, we have provided clients with at-risk general contracting services. Today, our organization blends a heritage of craftsmanship with the application of our current managements systems, driven by our personnel who are trained to develop a collaborative alliance with our client and design professionals. We have the ability to manage logistically-complex new construction, for instance, or to complete phased renovations on occupied campuses. Our value-added service provides management of the entire construction process with a project-first attitude and delivers the project successfully by driving the schedule, enforcing accountability among team members, demanding the highest quality from ourselves and our subs, and communicating clearly throughout. We hire, manage and coordinate all specialty subcontractors incorporating pre-planning, scheduling, quality control, with meticulous execution.


Our collaborative management approach has led to great experiences working in a design-build environment. Our company is built around a team-oriented environment with an “open book” approach that provides great advantages when working early on with the design team: we can add value early in the design process by suggesting alternate pathways of constructability, cost control, life cycle analysis, logistics and long-lead critical path areas. Successful design-build delivery demands a unified project approach by all team members, and through our experience, this can better serve our clients in helping them achieve their organizational goals.

Post-Construction Partnership

We are committed to constructing the highest-quality building that will last for many generations to come. Our personnel have the experience and energy necessary to get the job done right the first time. We are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients that will continue years after the construction project is finished. We believe that coordinating systems training with facilities personnel and additional end-users is necessary to give them the tools to operate the building at its peak performance. We stand behind our work and look to partner with our clients for many years to come.

Our Tools

Virtual Design & Construction (VDC)

We recognize the value of virtual design & construction (VDC) and continue to integrate it further into our workflow. We are capable of utilizing the predictive capabilities of building information modeling (BIM), such as detection clashing and renderings of the proposed results, to solve problems on the screen before they become issues on site. Beautiful renderings, created entirely in-house or in conjunction with the design team, which depict a proposed building can be used by our clients in their marketing or fundraising materials. Detailed 3D visualizations of complex phasing plans and project schedules can be created and modified with ease, and are much easier to follow than traditional 2D documents. We are excited about the many emerging applications of this technology and look forward to its continuing implementation.


Lean Construction

We are proud of being founding members of the Lean Construction Institute’s Mid-Atlantic Community of Practice. Lean Construction, which applies the best practices of the manufacturing industry to construction project delivery, is a reaction to the rampant waste still found today on many construction projects. As Lean Construction has evolved, it has birthed a variety of tools & techniques designed to minimize waste through clear communication and careful planning – principles that have long been at the foundation of our project approach. We implement the Last Planner System (LPS) that requires every subcontractor to engage in project planning & coordination and forces interaction among the trades, wherein scheduling conflicts are identified and workable solutions developed before project impact occurs. Schedule milestones are reviewed for “look-ahead planning,” ensuring that each trade is on track and the workflow remains uninterrupted. Particular attention is paid to quality control and to ensuring that prerequisite work is complete and correct before continuing with subsequent trades.

Greater Efficiency through Technology

We are constantly exploring new tools that allow us to maximize our clients’ value while strengthening our collaborative management approach, incorporating the most useful new tools or practices into our methodology. We have full-time IT support to ensure the functionality of or technological tools, in addition to servicing the smartphones, laptops, tablets and other equipment used by our employees.



Thanks to our integrated estimating software, our estimators can focus both on complex details and the overall big picture during the early stages of preconstruction. Our integrated software helps us maintain and collect real time construction data that helps our team make data driven construction decisions. Having powerful software tools provides more time for our team to develop strategies to maximize the project’s overall value.


Project Management

Our web-based project management software allows the entire project team – Superintendents, Project Managers, owners and design team – to have real-time access to all project information from any internet-connected device. In essence, it serves as an open conduit between the owner & design team and the field crew & subcontractors, which impacts both the cost and schedule positively. The program streamlines the distribution of our submittal process & tracking, RFI tracking, meeting minutes, daily progress reports, in-progress photos, and project drawings.